How to mint

What is Moondusa?

Moondusa is a collection of 8,888 randomly generated NFT’s! Our magnificent artist has designed each token to be randomly generated with a unique combination of background, body, outfit, neck accessory, mouth, eyes, and snake hair. The Moondusa NFT community will provide bountiful utilities to all of its holders, with limitless potentialities! Get ready to blast off because we’re going to the moon!

What is an NFT?

Beneficiaries of Moondusa Ownership

The team at Moondusa has worked laboriously to create a unique NFT Experience. We have devised a surefire strategy to ensure optimal success for the entire Moondusa community from launch day to the
long haul. From free airdrops, incredible giveaways, charity donations, exciting events, and even going to the metaverse, the community will have endless incentives to become holders! Our impressive tri-phase roadmap will drive us to victory and rush into hyperspace at lightspeed!


How much is it?

Each Moondusa token will cost a flat rate of .07 ETH + Gas. Snag one before we sell out!

Mint soon

Moon Map


20 newly minted Moondusas will be randomly airdropped to 20 random Moondusa Holders.


Moondusa's Team deeply cares about planets. $8,888 will be donated to the “Upstate Fresh Water Institute”!


Our Legendary Artist will create a 1 of 1 Moondusa masterpiece that one lucky Moondusa Holder will win. (Will receive a live Print along with it signed by our Artist)


We love all animals not just snakes therefore we will be donating $8,888 to “Powerful Paws Animal Rescue”! Moondusa also is an advocate for womens rights and ending violence! We will be dontating another $8,888 to “Vera House Inc”! .

Step 5


Team Moondusa will create a Liquidity Pool for our Moondusa Holders so they can buy, sell and trade their Moondusa’s a lot easier.



Moondusa is joining the Metaverse! The team will buy a piece of Sandbox land for the Moondusa community to expand and grow!

1. White paper release

2. Merch/Clothing Store “Moon Shop”(for humans) goes live on

3. OpenSea Verification

4. Nyc meet up event

5. “Moon Shop” (for nfts) goes live! Add on NFT items available for purchase.

6. 50 identical 3D models of Moondusa nfts will be given to the top 50 discord members with the highest Moon Level!

7. Moondusa Tattoo parlor opens! Ink your body up with Tattoo add ons.

8. Versace robe giveaways. 1 black & 1 white!

Step 5

9. Secret interactive airdrop for ALL holders

10. Start of video game development

1. Incubator becomes available for purchase in the Moon Shop (for nfts)!

2. Instagram, Twitter and TikTok verification

3. New line of merch drops along with HUGE merch giveaway!

4. Breeding? (Interactive snake den becomes active)

5. Moonseum goes live! View the rarest Moondusas known to the metaverse.

6. Versace Mansion VIP vacation giveaway

7. Moondusa coin launch (MOONEY)

8. Interactive Space Helmet Airdrop for qualified holders.

Step 5

9. Moondusa announces the first 3 Artist chosen for the “Starving Artist” program which helps disabled & homeless Artists/musicians develop and market nft collections at no costs.

10. 2 day Exclusive VIP Moondusa Miami Yacht Party for the top 50 discord users with highest Moon Levels (must be holding a moondusa nft)


11. Early whitelist access to Gen2 drop for Gen1 holders!

12. Moondusa video game release



Mr. Moondusa


Artist & Animator


Head of marketing

Mint now!

Mint now!


What’s an NFT?

NFT stands for “Non-Fungible Token” which in easier terms means that it’s unique and can’t be replaced with something else, a one-of-a-kind digital token in the blockchain. NFT’s can be bought, sold, and traded.

What is a Moondusa?

Moondusa is a NFT Collection of 8,888 available tokens. This NFT will provide all our holders with utilities and represent an access key to exclusive Moondusa events.

How much is a Moondusa?

Moondusas are priced at a flat rate of 0.07 Eth + Gas, with a limit of 20 per transaction.

What is a Gas Fee??

: Gas Fees refer to the cost of the transaction in the Ethereum network. The Fee will depend on how busy the network is during the time of your transaction

What Crypto Wallet should I buy Moondusa with?

Metamask is the easiest way to buy a Moondusa. Other wallets can be used but will have to be minted straight from the contract. (Tutorials will be available)

How do I purchase/mint a Moondusa?

Moondusa will be available for purchase through our website. You will have to first download the Metamask extension for google chrome or the MetaMask app, create a wallet, buy Ethereum (ETH) from an exchange (such as Coinbase, Binance, KuCoin, Kraken, Etc.), and send it over to your Metamask ETH wallet. Then you will connect to our website with Metamask, and you are ready to mint! Once the minting process has begun, a randomly generated Moondusa will be created using our rarity algorithm just for you.

When can I buy a Moondusa?!

Moondusa will be ready to mint on November 12th, have your ETH ready and join the party!

How do I view my Moondusa once I’ve purchased?

Once purchased/ minted, your Moondusa will be sent out to your address or any connected wallet that you purchased the Moondusa NFT. You will then be able to log in to OpenSea and view your New NFT! REMINDER It can take a bit of time for the item to show up in your wallet! PLEASE Make sure to refresh your Metadata if it does not show up! Please feel free to REACH out incase you have any issues; we are always here and more than happy to help!

What do I do if all Moondusa sell out?

Once all Moondusas sell out, you will be able to go to OpenSea and buy it from the secondary market.

How do I know if I am buying from the real Moondusa Website?

BEWARE OF SCAMMERS!! Please be safe with your money, information, and security. As much as we want to end the scammers, they will be around! Please only click links that are posted by ADMINS and CLOSE FRIENDS. We won't ever DM first!

Do I own the rights to my MOONDUSA NFT?

When you purchase a Moondusa NFT from our website or secondary market, you own exclusive rights to your Moondusa.